Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: “60 – 60 in love”

By Granger Whitelaw

 It’s funny how some of the real truths of life pass from generation to generation, Grandfather to Grandson, Mother to child. One of these great truths was passed to me again yesterday from my Mother, I had forgot the last time she shared this with me, but this time it made a lot more sense.

In love – or better put – in marriage (relationships of any type really), it needs to be a 60/60 thing. In other words, you each need to put in 60% to make it work. Now we all know 60 + 60 = 120, so this is an unattainable number, but that is where it makes sense. Because it is “in the 10% overlap from each of you” that you will find peace and unity.

Having been married twice and in a few long relationships before and between, I gotta tell ya – this can work. Just think about it – it’s not 50/50… it’s 60/60. That means YOU need to make an extra 10% effort to take out the trash, or give her a break from the kids – let him stay out a bit later to have a meeting or just hang with his friends a bit. When she needs to talk, stop and listen and when he needs a hand – extend it to him.

Now I am not a relationship expert – geez – far from it. But I know when I think it’s 50/50 it seems easier to blame my partner, my lover or my wife. But when it’s 60/60 – I know I need to do a little more before I start pointing fingers or giving up.

Give that extra 10% – each of you – and I promise, it will add up to more than 120.

And thanks Mom (and Grandpa Bear who taught this to her) for sharing this truth with me. If you enjoyed this week’s blog, you might enjoy My Weekly Thoughts from last week.

Granger Whitelaw

22 April, 2012

28 thoughts on “Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: “60 – 60 in love””

  1. I will agree with you on that and that is such a beautiful idea for keeping love live in relationship. I think it’s easy to do that but the problem is keeping yourself on doing that and also keeping your partner doing that. The best part of loving is when you are love back by the one you love.

  2. Thanks for this nice thoughts and ideas about love Granger and I totally believe in this one, nothing is harmful if both of you will share more love to each other and I would say, the bigger the rope the tighter it can get.

  3. Love is refreshing sometimes but also harsh sometimes. An advice of 60-60 love for every couple is really something that must not be forgotten. Love can never be 100% understandable but both of you will love more, then you worry less.

  4. So much love with this blog and great to read this. Love is on the air always and love is not always happiness and love will always be for people who are willing to risk.

  5. Yeah! Indeed! Not only in couples but to many relationships, this is applicable to any relationships, even in your sister, father, mother, cousin, uncle etc. In any types of relationships, love must always be shared and must be spread also.

  6. Love is a thing that should always be treated important and I learned by reading this article that in order to have a good relationship and a beautiful relationship, couple should love each other more than they could love each other. Thank you for sharing such wonderful article about love to us and I think a learned a lot with just one page of article thank you.

  7. Love is a special thing and a mysterious thing and I can say that it is a greatest feeling that any human can feel. I like how you use math for this and it is really helpful to all couples out there who are confused and have a problem having them together. Thanks for sharing this one and I hope many will love this one also. I randomly take to this website and I don’t regret it. Anyway have a nice day.

  8. Let me share you here a quote that I got from google and it is really heart touching if you are in love right now “The brain says, forget him. Hope says, you will still end up together. Pride says, poor baby does not know what he missed. Heart says,no matter what he is you love him.”It is really a heart touching quote and I think it is a girl who made this one.

  9. I like how you share this great tips and hints to us this article about love and I think it will be useful to anyone that can read this article and I really think of this as helpful and good to be learned. Anyway I know love is not an easy but I think everyone of us deserve to feel the great feeling of love and everyone of us deserve to have a partner in our life.

  10. It’s really great that truth to another generation was passed to our generation now just like what happened on you and it’s really good that you shared it to us and I know many will be reading this one and I hope they will learn something form this passed truth to our generation because it will be really helpful and true that is useful.

  11. Love is a great feeling! I love myself when I’m in love. It also happens to me that I believe in fairy tales, that someday, somehow my true love will come at the right time. But Love doesn’t work at all times, I fall in love, I got hurt and love again. So I think that’s really love, it doesn’t turn out the way you want to be. And that is 60/60 we must, we need to put extra effort in love to make it work. That’s a great idea of how to love someone. You have a great article.

  12. I like this one “Give that extra 10% – each of you – and I promise, it will add up to more than 120.”, I haven’t considered it before but I think it really works but the problem is how will you convince your partner to love you with the addition of 10%. I hope every partner of ours will understand this and hopefully will love also as much as how we want to be loved.

  13. Nice article! hahaha Its really nice to share extra effort with someone you love. But the saddest part in being in love is that, you exert to much effort with someone and then you will not realize that you’ve already take yourself for granted until you will find out that the feeling is not mutual. So, if you’re in love, give you’re 60/60 to the you love, but don’t forget to live the 40 in you.

  14. Woah! I think I remember my love one by reading this article of yours. I believe that each of one of us deserves a partner to take in the road our life up to we grow old and I think that’s what makes feel us better when we have a partner that we can count on to. I think I have to go for now I have to take a half bath and I enjoyed reading this one and thanks for it.

  15. You have point here “But I know when I think it’s 50/50 it seems easier to blame my partner, my lover or my wife.”, I know I am not much into love situations and experiences also but I think it is more safe if you and your partner will love each other more than how much you love your partner now. Because I think there is nothing wrong with it.

  16. You can be a relationship expert with this “Having been married twice and in a few long relationships before and between, I gotta tell ya – this can work”. Relationships are pretty hard to handle and it will never be easy. I think not only the man should think the flow of the relationship or not just a woman but also the both of the partner should always cooperate.

  17. I never have encountered and realized this before “Because it is “in the 10% overlap from each of you” that you will find peace and unity.”, it’s a good coincidence that I got here and read this article about love and it really taught me some things that I should have learned before but I didn’t. Thanks for sharing this to us and I personally like and appreciate this one.

  18. Wooh! Yesterday was a Valentine’s day and in all over the place there are many couples and the streets look red everywhere and full of balloons and bouquet of flowers and I think it is really explainable even if you sleep for several months and woke up in that day, there is no doubt that you can really say and see that it was a Valentine’s day.

  19. Love is a wonderful feeling that everyone can feel. Love is not just for two people in love, love is for everyone, love is for your family who never leaves you behind, love is for your friends, who never fail to make you smile, 60/60 in love is one of the great articles that I have read. Well thank you for the post, I hope I can read more love articles from you.

  20. This is such quite a nice story and I think it’s one of the hints and tips of life that should not be taken for granted. I fall in love many times and never really encounter this type of wisdom or knowledge and thank you so much for sharing this to us. I hope with this many relationships will work and many will be happy because of this. Nice article.

  21. I have been also into many relationships and I would like to say that love is the most important thing in any relationship and it is your root in many things that will be grown into your relationship. I believe of some people saying that love is a thing that can’t be explained and in fact it is really complicated to just think about it. I like how some people in my surroundings love their partner so much and I think it is such a good thing their doing that.

  22. Wow! It is really nice to be in love and we know that no one does not want not to fall in love, I mean for us who had or have a partner in our life and experience love would really not trade our feeling for anything even money. Love is actually can’t be explained by others but some they have explanation just like me and for me, love is a mystery and the best feeling that a person in our world can ever feel and imagine.

  23. There is no such thing as perfect relationship and we all are pretty aware of that already. The key to a good and strong bond relationship is listening which you also have mentioned here on your article which I admire also. As long as each of the couple listens to each other then I think maybe the problem is lessen and they have a larger chance on solving the problem easily because one should not shoulder problems on his or her own because it is nonsense and it will just take an effort yet will not take you to a good and proper result that you want.

  24. In any under circumstances you should not leave your partner if you love them. Love is not a word but a verb, that is what others been saying. I think you have really lots of so much love with your wife and your children and it’s really great to have that kind of love for our family and I hope all families will be like that because a foundation of a wonderful and strong family is their love for each other and that is really not easy but it is worth it and it is really worth it to have a beautiful and wonderful family.

  25. Sometimes we are being hurt by the people that we love in the past and I think many of us experiences that because finding a perfect partner is completely impossible. Finding someone that can make you feel perfect is possible yet it is very hard to find since there are lots of people in the world but only one can make you feel that way. Being hurt by the people we love in the past is part of growing up and by that our heart is also growing mature and more mature.

  26. For us who have already felt and experienced love, we can undoubtedly say that it is no nice to love and so great to be loved. I admire such people who truly love their partner and really won’t do anything harmful to their partner by doing such unfaithful acts. It is quite positive if we will talk in that manner but of some people that felt broken hearted because of love, they will surely give us some lines that will surely move us and also teach us some lessons about love.

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