Granger Whitelaw: New York – New York

The city so nice they named it twice! Well, I must agree, but they could have given it three!

I always love being in the city. The energy is all around, its infectious and its pure. There are certain times of year that it is even more special, I think this is one of those times….just after labor day and a week or so before it “snaps” a bit towards fall. Still warm enough for skirts and shorts during the day and into early evening and crisp air at night. Continue reading

September 11, 2011

ts been 10 years since I saw the Twin Towers fall, 9/11/01. I lost a few friends that day;

Mike McCabe – Jim Martello – Keith Heffey- Bill Bauer-Glen Wall- Mike Tucker-Greg Malone;

And a number of others from the Boat and Monmouth county commuting I did not know well, but remember their faces. What a tragedy, what a waste… and Why? Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: Freeman Dyson, Guest Speaker

Granger whitelaw freeman dyson Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: My First Entry

September 7, 2011: I have officially enetered the world of “blogging” which I will attempt to do often, but weekly is my commitment. This will be an area where i will share my thoughts with you, answer Questions I am asked and some other random stuff that crosses my path. Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw – It is easy to go nowhere. It requires no risk, except that of being left behind. To run ahead is a supreme test!