Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: FAU and Howard!

Well, I’m off today to join in with a few 1000 crazy OWL fans for the inaugural game in the new Stadium! I am going with my good friend Peter whom just returned from his summer cottage in the Canadian Mountains for 3 months, not a bad way to beat the summer Florida heat, a a bunch of other locals! Peter likes to throw a few back, so even at 63 he is a BLAST to hang out with and plays a mean game of tennis as well!

Why are we going? Neither of us attended the school. Its not a National contender team. But it’s Howard’s team! (who?)….Howard is our friend and neighbor. He and his wife Bev (she is a doll) and of course Blitz (their little doggie, actually her name is Safety Blitz..hahaha..too cute). You may know is officially as Howard Schnellenbereger, Ex- Coach of the Baltimore Colts (yes when they were in Baltimore), Assistant Coach at the Miami Dolphins and now Head coach in his final year at FAU. He has done a lot more than these jobs. He has been a mentor to many kids, helped many communities and is an all around great guy to! They unveiled a statue in his honor yesterday at the campus and today is the opening of the new Owls Stadium!

So, about tweleve of us are jumping in various cars, grabbing our newly printed FAU flags, dawning our best red, white and blue colors and heading to the field to cheer HOWARD- HOWARD – HOWARD and honor a great man and all he has done in his long and wonderful lifetime!

Hopefully the OWLS will win to put the icing on the cake. Either way, I’m getting a Hot dog, Peter will drink the beer for us both (i’m driving and gave it up 11 Years ago anyway) and it will be a great day in warm & Sunny Florida! Thanks Howard for providing yet another great party for your friends!!!

Granger Whitelaw

10 thoughts on “Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: FAU and Howard!”

  1. Now that’s what real friends are! You guys are very supportive and your friend must be really a good guy and to help in a community is really something. That must be really a great celebration and party to all of you guys..

  2. Did the OWLS won the game? I think they won because they have a great coach. To have a statue of yourself is a thing that can’t be get easily and such a good guy he is to help some people and still doing other good things.

  3. Wow! to coach on Baltimore Colts is great and really have great experience before retiring on the team. I wonder what will he do next in playing or coaching and helping others and community.

  4. Wow! Your friend Peter is a strong man and to think that he is already 63 but still go to activities that needs a lot of energy and strength is something that most of us cannot do. I also like how you share your ideas and thoughts to us about your friends and Howard is a nice guy as what I can see here on this article. I also have good friends like you do and it’s a good feeling to have them also.

  5. A good couch is not good in games only, but in the game of life and friendship. Your friendship is very remarkable. Your thoughts and words defines how you and Howard are really bind to be a good friends. This will inspire others for sure. If there is someone to be with when your alone, that’s friends

  6. He is too experienced with the sport “Assistant Coach at the Miami Dolphins and now Head coach in his final year at FAU”, I believe you and him are very good friends and I bet he is a kind person also. To be a coach on a good team is a nice experience. I want to be a coach also but not specifically and exactly on the game because I think it will be nice to be a coach.

  7. Since this article is all about friendship let me share you here a good and a very inspirational quote for friends out there “A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.
    -Pam Brown” , I so like this quote and I hope you guys will like it too.

  8. ha ha ha this must be really fun “So, about tweleve of us are jumping in various cars, grabbing our newly printed FAU”, I like how you guys are very supportive to your friend and I have friends too just have that kind of attitude and energy too. Friendship is something that we should have in this world, each of us should shoud have friends in this world because friendship will bring us fun and enjoyment to this world.

  9. Wow! That would be nice for your friend. It’s nice going on a game and watching the game with your friends while eating some snacks with them together. How I wish I know the game. I am not much into the game and not much knowledgeable about the game. But of course I know the feeling of watching a game just like that with friends.

  10. Fau must be a good and kinded heart “An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
    -Buddha ” , I think it is nice to deal with people like that since a good friend is a good friend and that right there is a good quote for friendship.

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