Granger Whitelaw: My First Entry

September 7, 2011: I have officially enetered the world of “blogging” which I will attempt to do often, but weekly is my commitment. This will be an area where i will share my thoughts with you, answer Questions I am asked and some other random stuff that crosses my path. Continue reading

24 thoughts on “Granger Whitelaw: My First Entry”

  1. Wow! It’s been a year already since you posted this first entry of yours and I’m glad after the date you posted this first entry of yours you made also articles next to this one. I read some of your articles and I like reading them all. Have a great day !

  2. I have seen and witness this commitment of yours “September 7, 2011: I have officially enetered the world of “blogging” which I will attempt to do often, but weekly is my commitment.”, you are really great for still having such time on making an article every week even though you still have many business to attend or to plan about.

  3. I like this first entry of yours and I believe on this one since it’s a unique idea of you having articles related to your life and I know many have followed these articles of yours because as I see many have different opinions on each article. Anyway thank you for letting me comment and have a nice day, just keep on updating your articles.

  4. I want to congratulate and make a welcome with you on this ” I have officially enetered the world of “blogging””, but this one is been a year already I think, and I’m referring to the original one the one that is really your original and first entry. Anyway, blogging is really good, you can express your feelings, emotion etc. and all you want to say and comment because all in all it will be just an opinion of yours and you have that right.

  5. Blogging is really an interesting hobby and it sure makes us express our thoughts and feelings that we want to express. Anyway it’s been a good year I think and I hope it will be a good next year also. I hope you guys will have a good next year also. I wonder what the next year will be called? It’e year of the what?

  6. This sure took you to the world of blogging and I know it is really entertaining. Maybe some of people don’t know much about blogging and they are just only saying that this hobby of ours is boring and we should do something and not this but I think in my opinion it is totally opposite since since I entered the world of blogging I think I can express myself fully.

  7. World of blogging is really a great world and you can really enjoy what you want and express what you want to say to others, if it’s good if it’s bad, if it’s your life or it’s your friends life but of course you know also her or his privacy. Anyway I have been blogging for 3 years already but I am not and American or a native English speaker but I am getting used to it a little and I am trying to make my English fluent and efficient.

  8. I like this one “Do you agree an afternoon nap raises productivity in the workplace? Should I have a couch in my office to take a 20 minute power nap”, I think I like this line and I would like to answer and I think it really increase productivity in a workplace because you can rest for a while and they say a little of nap can give you much time energy for long hours of doing things.

  9. Yeah! And many of my friends are really into blogging also except me because I don’t know if I can handle the pressure, and the pressure that I am talking about is time, time is such a gold in me last year and this year also because I have so many lots of things to do and lots of work to do. If I will be vacant for a week maybe I will consider joining in the world of blogging.

  10. I love blogging ,there’s nothing better with that than sitting around, and doing nothing, right? It’s nice to exchange ideas with others, cracking up at random pictures you find and then sharing everything with you. And in fact, there are a lot of benefits that we can get in blogging, when you’re blogging, you only not get contentment but happiness in sharing your thoughts to others. To all the bloggers out there, hail yah!

  11. I’ve learned from a friend of mine that blogging is either free or inexpensive, and you can get started in moments by creating a blog on a site like blogger or wordpress. In starting a blog you must ask yourself what you love, care about or wish to share with others. It simply tell you to write something that must be fresh from the reader , so sometimes you need to write about something that stakes your passion or that reflects your daily experiences, just like Granger Whitelaw- one of my favorite blogger. So, try some different ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

  12. So I guess this is the root of the branches of articles you have on this website. It’s good that having a blog like this is also one of the things that you wanted to do, well I know you have many things to do and I know you are a busy man and I think this is a thing also that can maybe lessen stress since in blogging we are also expressing ourselves not just our thoughts but also our emotions. I know in myself too that this is a good hobby.

  13. I am glad to read this first entry of yours. I have been writing also a blog since last five months but it is not English blog, but my point is it also looks like this but it still don’t have many followers. I like writing since I was a child and I love reading books. I will keep on writing and posting updates on my blog even though only few people will visit and read it because I have my reason, and my reason is I want to write and I love to write.

  14. Blogging is broad yet a very nice hobby. I find it simple yet very interesting since you can read freely on every article on what is the emotions inside the feeling of the writer. Of course just like some people said that blogging involves many topic it is really understandable that many have different views and also experiences on their life that they have also shared on their respective article.

  15. It is a great welcoming spirit on your friends and commenters here who were commenting about how good to have a blog. It is indeed good to have a blog if you can handle it and if you can manage it, the hard thing on blogs is the maintenance and it is how you will maintain the blog and how will you manage and update it since you must always have new things and features on your blog so that many will be attracted to it and that is your main goal.

  16. Blogging is such a nice and cool hobby in my opinion. I am not much of a blogger because I am not really a blogger but I admire how bloggers write on their blogs and it’s as if they were telling a story to their audience and followers and making them follow each line and sentence of each paragraph which I find really amazing. I want to be a writer and a blogger too but I don’t much have skill to make it to that level and maybe because I am not always reading and reading books. Anyway thanks for this.

  17. Woah! It’s been almost 1 year since you posted this and I bet many happened after you posted this because right now as what I can see here, you have many blogs and all does not belong to the same topic and I think I find it unique in some way. I really have some things also to take care right now but I still have time for reading and writing blogs.

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