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Social Media – wow. I was in a meeting this week in New York and an investment banker said to me ” I work primarily on Social Network Deals”. I said ” really, is that big these days, as we all proceeded to laugh…Ya, Kind of. $100 Billion for Facebook? Really…… And Groupon turned down $7 Billion, and now I think it has lost like 50% of their renewals since August for the month of September….This I call a stupid move on the Groupon guys part..I mean, GREED is really a killer right next to EGO… I have had a partner or two in the past who need a bit more reminding of this also…LMAO…Talk about Megalomaniac…I guess it’s the trend these days…I would have taken the $7 Bill, paid all my employees nicely and laughed all the way to the bank, thank you very much Sergey & Larry! So I have a little Tumbler account now for free advice to go along with this rambling blog… Perhaps I can get $100 bucks for it someday, that should cover my hosting fees at least! If you want to read it, just click here –> Granger Tumbler


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  1. Social Media nowadays are really something and that is where the common people visit and talk and communicate with other people. In business, I would say social media would really make a great impact and businessmen should really study it well for more better output results of their investments.

  2. I think the title should be Facebook and Social Media, ha ha peace out, I’m just kidding. They say the great way to invest nowadays is on social media, well I think they have a point since many are engaging to it but still I don’t know if it’s a good thing to do.

  3. Social Media Sites are everywhere in our modern world including Tumbler. I am a fan of Tumbler and I like using it and I think it’s a social media sites for us bloggers.

  4. Well, what could I say, social media websites are everywhere as what I have seen at the above comment and I think it is really true and I would like to agree on her. I know most of the people now are using social media websites and I know it is self explanatory because it can be seen through our neighbors and also to our friends. Anyway does any of here you people use twitter? because it is slowly growing in my country.

  5. Wow! A lot of money is involved on this article and it’s all about social media. Social media websites is creating a big impact now to business as what I have observed and it really makes things look big in a virtual way. Many are now promoting their products to social media websites and I think most of the products now have their own facebook page.

  6. I like your social media process image but some of the social media websites that is on the image are not familiar with me. I think only 5 of it are good to me and I’ve heard and seen some of it. Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas to us about your social media knowledge and thoughts and I know you are good and expert when it comes to business and social media websites.

  7. Certainly this is true “This I call a stupid move on the Groupon guys part..I mean, GREED is really a killer right next to EGO”, that’s what they are keep on saying that stay away of being greedy because it is really dangerous and a Greedy man also cannot be ever satisfied for what he have because that’s what greedy is for. It’s kind of sad that there are still many people in the world that is greedy.

  8. Nowadays a large amount of money is involve in the world of social media websites and I think it is fastly growing since people nowadays are using internet and surfing the internet with the use of social media website. Most people now are dependent to internet so the business is now on internet as what I have observed in my surf to the internet.

  9. Indeed the involvement of money is really something and a something that is very big. It’s amazing how internet make a change in a business and those who won’t embrace the change will surely fall if no further improvements will be made to their businesses. Change is a big thing to consider in a business and we have to really study that one.

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