IT’S A BOY !!!

by granger whitelaw

And a few girls too! That’s right – it’s BABY TIME!!

So many of my friends are having babies right now it’s hard to keep up. I mean, I am used to a baby here and a baby there, but 11 in 2 months? Geez, what was I doing last last May? I guess not having as much fun as my friends!! And get this, 3 of them are sisters and had there due dates within 5 days of each other!!

So, I am writing this email to each of you, your families and the little precious wonders you now hold in your hands – a gift from God for you to raise up.

Brandon & Melinda – Zander                      Kevin & Bonnie – Reese

John & Becca – John Wesley                        Lief & Marissa – Ezmae

John & Tiffany – Madeline Rose                 Janna & Lance – Asher Joesph

Daniella & Frank – Franko                          Aaron & Jill – Gage

Derek & Nichole – Harper Lili                    Jay & Kelley – Jack

Angela & Darren – Josie                      and in a week or so Bob & Vanessa – Angelo

and next up -> in April Ron & Christina – Lia Saczek

Ok – I think I got everyone, i’ll have to check with my wife to make sure. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS… these are my friends who have had kids in the last 3 months.

To each of you I wish you all the blessings life can bring. You each have amazing parents – I know first hand – I have had the pleasure to call them my friends and see them grow in life and with God; and to see how they shine when they look at you.

Always know you have a home at our house –  anytime. (and all the Hot Fudge Sundaes you can eat!!)

To my friends (your parents). Congratulations again. I am so excited for all of you. You have been given the most amazing & wonderful gift of all. Cherish them each and every day.

If there is ever anything you need, you know I am here for you!

Big Hugs!






24 thoughts on “IT’S A BOY !!!”

  1. Wow! that seems a very big celebration for you and your friends, such many blessings are given to all of you. I know the children will be raise in good way since you and your friends are near to God. Take care to all of you and have a blessed family.

  2. That is so fast, I mean very fast to almost all friends having babies but that is such a great event and must be treated as occasion. I laugh at the last comment ha ha , the humor is just getting me.

  3. Kids are so adorable and so cute and boy and girl kids are equally adorable. That’s a great happening for you and your friends and I know their kids are cute too. I find kids very special since in kids you will learn some things in life that must not be treated seriously.

  4. Great friend of yours! I hope the kids will grow up good and strong. I read your blogs and I like reading it. Thanks for sharing, keep inspiring.

  5. Congratulations to all of your friends and I hope they will have too good children like they were. I hope you and your friends will still be keeping in touch and always be friends. Children are gift from God and their life is our life also since they are our children and comes from us.

  6. Wow! A big congratulations for your friends and I hope they will have a merrier family now since they already have added one more part of their family. Thanks for sharing your article and about them. Anyway I see that you have many friends and I can see that you are very friendly. I have seen you on things that you are involve of like business.

  7. Congratz to your friends and to all of your friends that newly have a baby.
    I hope they will have a great and good life of being a family. To have a family is a great responsibility but also it’s the time that you will feel independent and understand some things of your parents that you don’t understand before.
    Thanks for sharing their stories and my cousin also have their new child last few days ago.

  8. Oh! That’s a lot of children and I think it will be so party party and a full party party in December because you and your friends have children to be celebrated today’s month because today’s month is Christmas and it’s the most happiest celebration to most of us and they say Christmas is for Children.

  9. Wow ! You really are a friendly man and you have many friends as what I can see here. I envy you for being so friendly and friendly people are kind people as what I have observed anyway I wonder how big are the children now since it’s been months or even year has passed though I am not sure but I think they are bigger now and cuter too.

  10. Yay! But I think you are having fun last May since May is a race month on your place. Anyway that’s a bit of many to your friends and I think all of you will get merrier and merrier since there are children that will be added to the circle of group. I hope the children will go strong together and I know they will be guided well of course.

  11. You are such a kind friend “If there is ever anything you need, you know I am here for you!”, I hope all the people in the world will be like this so that world peace will be easier and more possible than being what the world now. I like this article because you are showing such good love for your friends and a great support for their children.

  12. My husband and I, wants to have a baby boy. Congratulations to you and to all your friends. More babies to come to all of you! Soon you’re childrens will be best of friends in the future, as you are right now woth you’re friends.

  13. It’s good that you are still updated to all of your friends So many of my friends are having babies right now it’s hard to keep up”, I mean not everyone can be like that since even me I can’t always be updated towards my friends because I am busy of many things and also they are busy in their things that they do also so we are busy to keep updated on each other.

  14. I want to congratulate your friends Brandon & Melinda, Kevin & Bonnie, John & Becca, Lief & Marissa, John & Tiffany , Janna & Lance ,Daniella & Frank, Aaron & Jill, Derek & Nichole, Jay & Kelley, Angela & Darren, Bob & Vanessa, April Ron & Christina and. I hope they will be having a happy big family always.

  15. Such a nice article of yours, I wonder how are their babies now since this was last posted many months ago and I bet their kids are much bigger now. Anyway I hope they all will have a good loving and happy family because it is so nice having a family that is really will take care of each other in rough times and celebrates in times that you all are happy.

  16. Such a sweet friend “You each have amazing parents – I know first hand – I have had the pleasure to call them my friends and see them grow in life and with God”, Someday the kids will read this one and they will understand your line and they will react a good comment of course with this. I think this is simple yet very well written article with emotions in it and it’s a good thing.

  17. That will be a great and a big happy circle of family with you and your friends because many are now added to the group ha ha ha lol but anyway I want to congratulate all of them and I hope they will have a good family ofcourse and a good bond to each other. I am still 20 years old but I can understand the feeling of having close friends that you can really call true friends.

  18. I have never experience having a child but I think it is great for those who are now at their right age and right state of life where they can afford what they want to buy and can afford to have a child or children. I am amazed to see such friends of yours written on your article having their babies, I mean they are so many to have their children and it is seldom and rare to have just like that experience, unless you are a very friendly person. Well, maybe we can settle for “you are very friendly person”.

  19. I though all of their kids are boys and that’s totally crazy if that is what is really happening ha ha ha lol. Did all of your friends that is written on the article and the friends you have congratulate already read this article? I wonder what was their reaction and yeah! what are their reactions? Many people like the article and I think they like because they kids and kids are really adorable and cute.

  20. Having those kids and children to your friends will sure add fun to your group and in the future I am thinking maybe they will create a group of themselves also, well that is pretty obvious but I hope it will come true since I would love seeing them to be grown up and still follow the path of friendship of their mom and dad. Anyway such a cute article you have here and take care.

  21. Just a comment for this article of yours, children or child has this meaning “Biologically, a child (plural: children) is a human between the stages of birth and puberty. Some biological definitions of a child include the fetus, as being an unborn child. The legal definition of “child” generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority.”, they are lucky to have one or another one and I think judging by it I think they will really live happy and more happy because of their child or children. It’s a nice way to make an article for your friends on having their new born child.

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