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September 7, 2011: I have officially enetered the world of “blogging” which I will attempt to do often, but weekly is my commitment. This will be an area where i will share my thoughts with you, answer Questions I am asked and some other random stuff that crosses my path.

So now I will go back to work, although I am most interested in taking a Nap right now! That is my first thought to share with you all. Do you agree an afternoon nap raises productivity in the workplace? Should I have a couch in my office to take a 20 minute power nap, or better, dedicate an entire room in the office to fluffy chairs and couches so others can also enjoy some solitude and refreshment in the middle of a crazy day?

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Granger Whitelaw

P.S. Speaking of Napping at work, here’s an interesting article on napping in the office in Inc by Eric Markowitz, click the link to read the rest.

Eric Markowitz | staffAug 12, 2011
Should Your Employees Take Naps?

Small businesses increasingly encourage daytime rest to boost productivity and fight fatigue. Sleep experts are applauding.

Years ago, Craig Yarde, founder of Yarde Metals in Bristol, CT, noticed his employees—who work in three manufacturing shifts, 24-hours a day—napping on the job. So when he built a new office space in 1995, he threw in a nap room, with couches.

“People thought we were just completely nuts,” recalls Yarde. “Even some of my employees said ‘What are you doing?'” Fifteen years later, Yarde Metals has grown to nearly 700 employees, with $500 million in annual revenue and locations up and down the east coast—each with its own dedicated napping room.

“Without a question, [naps] improve productivity,” Yarde says. “It’s funny how these things go. It went from being totally ridiculous to being cutting edge now.”

Office naptime is zonking workplaces across the country. OnSwipe, a software shop in Manhattan facilitates napping at an office “den,” as does Pontiflex, a mobile app ad start-up in Brooklyn; Jawa, a mobile app maker in Scottsdale, AZ; and 42 Inc., an information technology consultant in Berkeley, CA. Big-name players like Google and Ben & Jerry’s endorse napping. NASA has teamed up with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute and 91 volunteers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine to teach astronauts how to nap better during long missions. For some, it’s a company perk akin to gym membership, or free lunch.

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  1. I would certainly agree with you and for me, it is best to let the workers take an afternoon nap or a power nap but anyway I like reading this first entry of yours and thank you for sharing your thoughts weekly.

  2. This first entry of yours looks good and also I have already read some of your blogs and I think they are really good since the words area all presented in a relax and “just being self” manner.

  3. I’m waiting for your next entry this week and I’m glad I read all your blog. More power to you and to the Rocket Racing League. Blogging is really good in sharing your thoughts and ideas to others.

  4. Wow ! So this is your first article that you made on this website. It’s good that it comes to your mind to put a website and then write some articles and share some of your thoughts to it. I read some of your articles inside here on this website and I’m overwhelmed reading this one since this is your first entry and it can be seen obviously in the title anyway but I would like to say thanks for sharing all of this. Keep writing !

  5. So this is your first entry and also the oldest article of this website. I like your idea of sharing your weekly thoughts to your followers and I read all your articles and I like how you share with all of your heart your ideas and experiences. You have many friends because you are very friendly and even here you are socially friendly and that’s a good thing.

  6. Some people just don’t know what plans are ““People thought we were just completely nuts,” recalls Yarde. “Even some of my employees said ‘What are you doing?’””, they don’t think the future of what are we doing and they even think we are stupids. I think it’s really bad to judge at first since judging is not a good thing and you are harming someone by doing it even though not literally but emotionally.

  7. After reading this “nSwipe, a software shop in Manhattan facilitates napping at an office “den,” as does Pontiflex, a mobile app ad start-up in Brooklyn”, I remember what I read on the internet that some companies tolerate their workers on napping because it can give a little energy towards the workers. Thanks for sharing this first article of yours.

  8. I like this line of yours “This will be an area where i will share my thoughts with you”, it’s good that you planned something like this and I know many will be really keep on posted to your website since you are a well known businessman. Seriously I want to learn business techniques here because I want to earn more money so that I can reach my dream in life.

  9. Wow! This is quite interesting topic.Studies show that 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon provides more rest than 20 minutes more sleep in the morning (though the last two hours of morning sleep have special benefits of their own). The body seems to be designed for this, as most people’s bodies naturally become more tired in the afternoon, about 8 hours after we wake up.

  10. Yes, blogging is nice, sometimes when I feel bored, I always make blogging as my past time. The benefits of being a blogger is You will become a better writer, Your video skills will improve, You will learn,Visibility Expert status, Become a champion researcher, Power networker, Your memory will improve,Your creativity will increase,Synergizes and Synthesizes Focus.

  11. Can I comment on this article of yours here? I mean this article is been released long time ago and so maybe you won’t check this anymore but I hope you will check this so you can read some comments here. I believe that blogging is something and a something that can be called as the world of expressers. Blogging is really a great thing.

  12. It’s really nice that in blogging you share some interesting topics, that some people can relate.
    Most people till date think that blogs are just meant for personal use but after taking a glimpse of the benefits offered by blogs, we come to know that there are number of advantages related to blogs. The same benefits that we can get in sleeping.

  13. Let’s face it. With today’s hectic work schedules, and the drive to do as much as possible with your free time, sleeping for modern men and women has been cut down to a minimum. Unfortunately, sleep is still required by the human brain to avoid insanity, and to let the body repair itself, so alternative locations and times must be developed. Some progressive corporations are introducing ideas such as “company nap time”, whereby a time period is designated (usually during lunch, or it leads to longer mandatory working hours) where workers can bring in a blanket and pillow, curl up in a ball of some sort, and fall asleep for about 30 minutes. But better not sleep if your boss is around.

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