by granger whitelaw

So a rainy morning and a little bored….so what shall we do? Write a BLOG! But wait, I have that huge pile of boxes with cables, cords, plugs and chargers. Years of cell phones, cameras, attachments, clips, pins ugh!!! Do I clean or write…

And then it hits me – Crank up the music – clean the mess and lets get inspired!

So I find one of my favorite bands of all time – THE POLICE – AND CRANK IT UP! An I mean 200 watts of full power – huge bass – killer mid’s and high notes so clear they can break glass……now that’s How to spend a rainy Saturday morning!

Ya know – I just don’t really do this enough. When was the last time you just put on music – REALLY LOUD – and danced, laughed at old memories it brought back from high school – like hanging in Theo’s basement, or cruising around to Naugles, Steak n’ Shake or your favorite spot seeing who is there? And I must tell you, the 80’s were some of the best years for music ever – great beats, great lyrics, new wave and old rock transforming into a new sound. And before the “rap” stuff became so popular and destroyed real music – real musicians – guitar driven songs with soul.

Anyway – that’s enough of the granger whitelaw rant on music appreciation. Whatever your style, musical choice or what you ’dig’ as they say in New Orleans and other Jazz towns – Here is my suggestion for you:

Put down the iPhone or iPad – turn off the TV and close the doors. Go get the kids and grab some great old tunes — and TURN IT UP LOUD! Show them how we used to have fun before all this multi media and the gadgets that drive them took over our minds and made Zombies out o us all.

GOTTA GO—- De Do DO DO , De Da Da Da….. ROCK!

37 thoughts on “SENDING OUT AN S.O.S”

  1. Yep!
    Been listening to some stuff from aways back. France Gall, Francoise Hardy, Alan Delon, all French, but really good. If you have a mind check out France Gall on youtube bercy 93 concert great stuff.
    or, Patricia Kaas singing If you go away.
    Thanks Grnager, seems you are not alone in the music thingy. Billy

  2. I agree with you on this, it’s been a long time since I turn my music player with speakers on the house with full volume and I already forgot doing it since I am busy surfing the net and it’s a great way you reminded us to that. I like music since it really can make us dance and feel relaxed to the relaxation that we want. Thanks for sharing your blog and I like reading all of this.

  3. Music is fun music is cool and I think every person in the world loves it. Me myself I like slow rock love songs and I know many of us here love also that. Slow rock love songs are great since melody and its lyrics are really good. We reflect ourselves into music sometimes and that is the magic of music.

  4. Ha ha ha ha Thank you for your advice and I really appreciated it. I am also vacant on some times and I feel bored but at those times my mind is empty on what to do and I just remember now after reading this blog that I should put some music on it to make the boredom get less. Music is fun and everybody can really say it and all of us know about what magic will it bring to the listeners of it. Thanks for the tips and have a nice day.

  5. I think I would like to answer this one the one that I have seen above. I prefer love songs music and I think it is the most relaxing music to me since I love love songs and I think I am a romantic person. Thanks for sharing this one and later I will play love songs.

  6. I really though that this article is about help or something because as what I have known SOS is use for help or something but anyway you are right by saying that and telling that to us. I think I have to try playing some good songs and music about it. I like playing music and my favorite songs especially when it’s morning.

  7. Ha ha ha I like this part of the above article “And then it hits me – Crank up the music – clean the mess and lets get inspired!”, I like cleaning the house, washing the dishes, pouring water to the flowers of the garden with music accompanying me, I like listening to music while doing somethings because you can enjoy the works with music on it.

  8. I think it was 3 years ago when I last do this ” I just don’t really do this enough. When was the last time you just put on music”, I am not much of a music minded man but I am certain that it makes my mind relaxed and puts it into fun when hearing and listening to music. I can’t say I love music but I like the feeling of listening music.

  9. I want to have iPhone or iPad right now though I know it is very expensive I still want to save just for it, even just one of the two. It’s amazing how technology nowadays has given us entertainment that we fit on our attitudes and on what we want. Thanks to the creators of the gadgets as they really invent good stuff and helpful and also entertaining stuffs. I really and want to try it soon.

  10. Ha ha ha I am familiar with this band “So I find one of my favorite bands of all time – THE POLICE – AND CRANK IT UP! “, I think it’s been a while since I last heard their songs and it’s really great. Right now since it’s time for the news songs for this generation I want to say it’s a little bit different compared to songs long ago since the songs of 70’s 80’s and 90’s are just good, it’s good because of the deepness of the lyrics involved on each songs.

  11. Songs are really magical because it is so wonderful how they make our day so beautiful and so gladly and so amazing. I am ofcourse and obviously a music minded person and a music lover, I always searching and always listening to songs that makes me feel relaxed and some of it are instrumental, is anyone here familiar with the instrumental canon? Anyway I like it so much.

  12. Its really nice if we make some time listening to our old time favorite music. Well listening to musics, can Improve our mood ,it also help us to Focus, it can also Increase endurance, can promote Better mental health, it can also Relieves our stress, and can make a Patient care. Listening to music is not just mere entertainment. Without you knowing it, the music actually has mood swings and even helps you to concentrate.

  13. I appreciate this one “Anyway – that’s enough of the granger whitelaw rant on music appreciation. “, we have different taste in music and I know you have yours also. We may have different style of music but each of us feels the same way with music. Music makes us feel some magical feelings or maybe I am just over reacting on it but it’s really magical.

  14. Okay so this is all about music. I’ve been into many places and as I observed many loves love song slow music and maybe because most of the people are in love or experienced being in love and wants to experience love. I just pass here to comment my reaction about this and I think that’s a stress reliever out there, great idea.

  15. Haha nice written line “so what shall we do? Write a BLOG! But wait, I have that huge pile of boxes with cables, cords, plugs and chargers. “, I like how you are so jolly and energetic with your articles, I mean many have noticed it I think since it’s hard to be jolly on an article even in real life LOL. How I wish I will learn how to write and drive my viewers to that.

  16. I sure will do this one on my phone but not iPhone haha “Put down the iPhone or iPad – turn off the TV and close the doors. Go get the kids and grab some great old tunes — and TURN IT UP LOUD!”, because I don’t have one ha ha lol. I wish I have an Iphone and how I wish it will be iphone 5. I like so much the features of the phone and it’s really amazing.

  17. Ha ha ha ha that’s what I like about you, you really have good time always even though you are a busy man or let us say a businessman ha ha ha ha lol. Anyway music makes us really crazy and do some things and dance that we put ourselves on. I read some of your works on races and other stuff and things and I may have to say you are a versatile man and very flexible to many things.

  18. Cool! Cool stuff right here, I have been listening also to songs that I like lately and it’s really very good to my ear hearing and listening to those old love songs that I used to play and listen long time ago and it’s make me remembered things that I forgot and it’s a really a good things because it seems like your emotions is with it.

  19. You can listen and play music now in any way. There ipad now and android phones that can surely play music and in anywhere you can listen to it with no problem. Technology indeed is making a great development and fast progress and you can observe it to some of the electronic gadgets that you can see nowadays.

  20. Save money on rainy days by having fun with the family and watching your favorite movies. Or another great thing to do is take a hot bath, especially on a chilly day. Spend the day pampering yourself with items around the house. Save money instead of going out to places like the movies or mall. Its the sweet memory we enjoy it chill wind, take a wool to control cold and it gives sweet hotter to body and prepare some hot food and tea for avoid cold. Sometimes I like to go outside and dance in the rain. It is also fun to make hot chocolate and drink that with friends. Also, on rainy days you can play video games and escape the world.

  21. If I will have my babies soon, I want them to enjoy life, to enjoy the beauty of the world. I want them to experienced playing in the rain with their friends, than spending most of their time playing video games. I want my children experienced to get dirty while playing in the mod with me, than spending their time in the fb. I want to share to them the beauty of life without multimedia but spending it with me.

  22. Rainy season brings with it not only happiness, but also a little boredom. Since it’s wet and messy outside, you feel that sitting at home is the best option. However, after a while, you also start getting bored. What to do now? How to pass away the time? Simple, indulge in all the activities for which you couldn’t seem to find time in the past few days. Read your favorite book, watch that DVD that is lying with you for so many days, catch up with friends over the internet, and so on.

  23. Bored? Listless? Help is at hand! Pass away long, pointless hours, bumper list of things to do when you’re well and truly bored. When you feel bored why not try going out with your friends and your family. Or play computer games with your siblings, so there are a lot of things that we can do when we bored.

  24. Ha ha ha ha this line sounds so fun “So a rainy morning and a little bored….so what shall we do? Write a BLOG! But wait, I have that huge pile of boxes with cables, cords, plugs and chargers. “, I have the same things also and also I forgot to use them for a long time, I don’t have iphone like anyone does but it’s just that I am busy going outside the house and having parties with my friends.

  25. Turning the volume up when you are all alone in the house makes me comfortable but turning the volume up when my parents are in the house gets me scolded LOL. Anyway I am not much into the band that you mentioned here in your article but the concept and the logic that you are delivering to us simply understandable because though we may not have the same favorite band, we both like music and we know how good music is.

  26. Listening to songs that I like is just one of my hobbies that I like and I always do this thing in a week especially when it is my rest day. I listen to pop and love song music especially those slow rock love songs since it can really touch you with their lyrics and also the rhythm and melody of the song. It is some mystery why music can make good feeling in our ear and heart. I like how you share this article to us and you really did a great job for making a good thing in enjoying in your house and though we don’t share the same genre of music, we are still both the same when it comes to love for music.

  27. I’m not like you or the same with your other commenters; I don’t listen to music like you always do. I prefer playing computer games or watching television than listening to music. I don’t appreciate music too much, but I get along with it if the song is familiar to me. I’m not saying that I hate music , my point is I just don’t like music like all of you do, but I really want to learn how to love this kind of stuff, although it’s not hard or difficult to do that.

  28. What a nice thing to do when we have free time. I also like doing some things when I am vacant and when I feel bored. I do things like doing games with my friends outside and also sometimes I do what you always do too, I listen to songs that I like though not really the same genre and type with you, my type of songs and my genre of songs is rock songs and those songs that were famous in 80’s.

  29. Sometimes when time and place are boring we tend to be tired and very tired even though we did not do anything. Also in that time when we really want to do something we tend to do crazy things due to our boredom and also in that time it is nice to invent games on our own and also activities on our own just to pass time and just to kill time.

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