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Holiday Hunting – Happy Feasting!

By Granger Whitelaw

Holiday Hunting with friends or family is an excellent opportunity to spend time outdoors, enjoy nature and a few good laughs or stories from the past year. So just to ensure that every hunting trip ends happily during these trips, I suggest you follow these tips: Make sure to Complete a safety class. Some states require these courses as a prerequisite of issuing a hunting license or permit. Irrespective of the state laws, these courses alert hunters to guidelines that can prevent accidents and save lives. Make sure you always practice firearm safety…. at all times. The golden rule of firearm use is to treat every weapon as if it is loaded at all times – I repeat – Loaded at ALL TIMES. Just following this simple dictum an prevent a variety of potential accidents. You should also try to hunt with a partner if you can – and make sure you talk about where you will be going ahead of time. In case of accidents, having a friend nearby can minimize the time to get help and hopefully damage caused by a gunshot wound. Furthermore, always wear proper gear – Wearing hunter orange alerts others to your presence and prevents them mistaking you for game. Before you go out for your hunting trip, make sure to maintain your equipment. You should frequently clean and service your weapons as needed to prevent malfunctioning and make sure you test fire them before each field use.

I thought I would take a few minutes to share a few of these simple but important suggestions with you. I am getting ready for a Duck hunting trip this month and Deer hunting next – and trust me – I will follow each of these myself.

Happy Hunting – and Feasting!!!

Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: “60 – 60 in love”

By Granger Whitelaw

 It’s funny how some of the real truths of life pass from generation to generation, Grandfather to Grandson, Mother to child. One of these great truths was passed to me again yesterday from my Mother, I had forgot the last time she shared this with me, but this time it made a lot more sense. Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: Boarding School

Granger Whitelaw: This Week, Boarding School

So I just spent a few days with my daughter Lili at her school and my son Granger Whitelaw (mini me). Lili goes to an all girls school in Maryland and Granger Whitelaw jr in New Jersey, co-ed of course. It is amazing to see how wonderful these schools are today and the facilities they provide for children to learn and grow. The students at these schools are the top of their classes, and to get in, you must take SSAT’s (like mini SAT’s, but in 8th grade..UGH!) and then go through extensive paperwork, essays, recommendations and interviews to be admitted. Trust me, if you think getting into College is hard, it does not hold a candle to this process! I am really proud of my kids. They are both great students, respectful people and I expect they will do great in life. If you are considering sending your kids to a top boarding school, I highly recommend it. Just make sure they are ready to be away from home…my kids?…. they couldn’t wait ! Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: Los Angeles – or “LA BABY” as some of my friends say!

Granger Whitelaw: LA Baby

Back in LA for the week and its always interesting. Meetings with Studios & Labels, Hollywood types and some old friends as well. I must say, I HATE the LA traffic, but I do love Rodeo drive, Santa Monica and some of the other cool “scenes” here. I had the good fortune of watching a old High School friend of mine play drums last night at a “hip dive” in West Hollywood, CANTORS KIBITZ ROOM, next to Canters Deli. I mean,the DOORS played here and ZAPPA on Tuesdays in the past…SO if you ever want to watch some of the greatest Studio musicians in the world today just JAM for 3 hours on a Tuesday night, then go here, it will be a wonderful Jewel of a memory. My buddy, Matt Tecu playing the skins, just back from touring Europe and Canada for months and Monty on Vocals….with 6 other amazing guys…WOW! What a night! Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: Tumbler and Social Media

Social Media – wow. I was in a meeting this week in New York and an investment banker said to me ” I work primarily on Social Network Deals”. I said ” really, is that big these days, as we all proceeded to laugh…Ya, Kind of. $100 Billion for Facebook? Really…… And Groupon turned down $7 Billion, and now I think it has lost like 50% of their renewals since August for the month of September…. Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: Freeman Dyson, Guest Speaker

Granger whitelaw freeman dyson Continue reading

Granger Whitelaw: My First Entry

September 7, 2011: I have officially enetered the world of “blogging” which I will attempt to do often, but weekly is my commitment. This will be an area where i will share my thoughts with you, answer Questions I am asked and some other random stuff that crosses my path. Continue reading