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by granger whitelaw

For our kids this is a wonderful statement. It’s the end of another school year filled with homework, tests, sports, friends and bullies, teachers and advisors.

For parents these can be the four scariest words of the year, because they are followed with – ‘oh my, now what do we do with them’?
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Granger Whitelaw: PURE SPEED !!

By Granger Whitelaw

It’s MAY – and that means racing! I think this is my favorite month of the year. It’s a racers Valhalla and it is also the month my beautiful little brother was born and my adorable Daughter.

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Birthday Surprise

Today is my birthday and what a great surprise! One of my best friends flew into town for the weekend to celebrate “45” with me. I can’t think of anything better than seeing an old friend on your birthday and just hanging out, eating good food, watching football and catching up. Too bad for Tim & Joyce that it decided to rain 6 inches over the past two days, but tomorrow looks promising for some sunshine and sightseeing while I go back to work! Continue reading