UGH – YIKES – Hmmmmm

Granger Whitelaw: Ugh Yikes – Hmmm

Ugh – How I feel right now. Yikes – How I felt after a call earlier today. Hmmmmmm….What I am doing now, thinking and reflecting.

I am sure you can all understand these three feelings. They are brought on by the “call” from work, a friend, a family member or something you may see or hear that affects you. Mine was a call today from my teenage daughter whom I adore. Go figure, she is beautiful, wickedly smart and can melt my heart with a smile anytime. But I have to be careful…she knows it! LOL…good luck Dad! I get this Yikes – Ugh – Hmmmm sensation a lot now since I am a parent of two teenagers, a third about to be and of course the Ex-Wife. Add to that my 3 year old, current wife and I have enough reasons, on a frequent basis, for all three exclamations…… You still following me? Now I know a LOT of you have similar situations, certainly wives, girlfriends and/or kids…and almost all of you have jobs and bosses. I see these exclamations often on Facebook and when I do, I must admit, if I read the following passage and it is not life threatening…..I smile…because I know exactly how they feel…..I can read between the lines as well.

I am sure some of my friends will read this and say “yikes” why did you write that rambling blog. Oh well, because it is making me feel better. I know I’m not alone.

So just know, when the Yikes, Ugh, Hmmmmm comes your way, you are not alone either.

My advice ——>>Hmmmmmmm…………….Perhaps A HOT FUDGE SUNDAE will hit the spot!


Granger Whitelaw

12 thoughts on “UGH – YIKES – Hmmmmm”

  1. No one will blame you for writing that content of blog, there are lots of Dads or Fathers that have that kind of feeling also, well nobody can relate to you except for Dads out there. I enjoy reading this one and your daughter is really a great girl, keep guiding her to a great lady.

  2. Now I understand why is the title have “Yikes” ha ha lol XD . Well, I’m not laughing because I’m against on it but I understand you with that. Fathers should be like that and that means always love their daughters in all times.

  3. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! Ha ha ha just kidding. I am impressed with your bravery bro for writing something like this with your blog. Well, though I am not expert, I think that is pretty normal.

  4. Ha ha ha ! Does your daughter already read this blog/article? I wonder what is her reaction after reading this one. I think there is no problem with this article/blog because I think this is just a dad or a father showing love for her daughter. I really like how you share a just like this blog and I think this is just so unique. I hope your 2 children won’t be jealous with this blog of yours. Anyway just passing by I hope you will stay good with your children.

  5. I literally laugh at this line of yours here on this article “Go figure, she is beautiful, wickedly smart and can melt my heart with a smile anytime. But I have to be careful…she knows it! LOL…good luck Dad! I get this Yikes”, it’s funny because she knows it ha ha ha and I also imagine how your daughter looks like and I think she is really pretty.

  6. “Yikes” common expression to those who are somehow worried of result. When you read the title, you’ll feel worried, but upon reading you made the title interesting. You can say the your daughter does love you very much and that she is very supportive, and from inside-out i know, no matter how funny she’s look might be, she is beautiful.

  7. I would not say yikes to this “I am sure some of my friends will read this and say “yikes” why did you write that rambling blog.” but I will laugh ha ha ha. I find it funny on you writing that line ha ha ha ha lol. Anyway it’s not wrong to write just like that blog but I think many will not understand it totally. Though some are open minded to understand that.

  8. Ha ha ha I like hot fudge sundae too and though some of my friends says it’s so sweet I still find it good in my taste of sweetness. Anyway you are nor alone and I feel you bro with this article of yours. Thanks for sharing this one ha ha ha but also just keep on updating because your daughter might seen and read this article of yours ha ha ha lol.

  9. Ahm, I totally cant relate in your article but I love hot fudge sundae. I know all the fathers in the world loves there daughter. Fathers love is really unconditional, you know while writing this comment , I cant stop thinking about my father. He always want to makes us laugh with my sister, I really love my papa. wherever he is now, I hope he is happy out there. Love you papa.

  10. This is a good thing to do, to reflect on things you want to reflect of. Anyway I can see here the problem which is not actually the problem haha I understand you on that , well any father would feel the same as you do. I have some things to do also though I don’t wanna reflect to it but I think I won’t do it for now because it’s too stressful.

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