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The business I am currently working on is Social Media 123-4 (because 123 isn’t enough!). Social Media is a fun name for the company, but it is not a “pure play” social media company. Its main business is to help companies build their business development, Corporate strategy,  sales and marketing and Branding efforts supported by PR and advertising. We use traditional business models and processes to effect change and grow revenue, partnerships & market share for our clients to help their “brand”. Of course, with todays access to information and new tools, we have a full media, graphic design and Social Media tool staff to “get the word out” on over 70 platforms from facebook to tumblr, pinterst to twitter and everything in between. The use of traditional PR and advertising is still very important to get the proper “blend” and reach for almost all businesses. We manage, distribute and analyze the content through our network of: Publishers, Influencers, Bloggers, Social Networks, and Platforms, utilizing the power of personal connections to build brands and drive business.


Social Media 123-4

* One part PR company

* One part Consumer Experience company

* One part Marketing company

* And one part Business Development company

Social Media 123-4 takes ideas from concept to revenue using a unique approach connecting the stories buyers want to hear, with the stories that brands want to sell using the most current Social Media technologies and platforms to drive business.

If you need some help in any of these areas, just reach out to us at SOCIALMEDIA1234.COM and one of the staff will be happy to talk through your needs. We now have offices in Los Angeles, Florida, Atlanta & New York.

Granger Whitelaw – Rocket Racing League Co-Founder

Granger Whitelaw Rocket Racing LeagueThe Rocket Racing League, , is still growing and we turned that over to a new CEO to build a few years ago. It is a new Sport & Entertainment company modeled after the business of Motorsport racing (NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula 1) and air shows (Reno Air Races, etc) but built for a 21st Century fan using 21st Century technology and bringing the most modern and interactive experience possible to the viewers!

The Rocket Racer, or x-Racer  , is the name of the rocket-powered aircraft being developed to compte in the Rocket Racing Leauge. X-Racers are powered by a rocket engine that emits a long flame and a thunderous roar heard and felt for miless. The Current Mark-II and Mark-II X-Racer designs fly at a speed up to 250 miles per hour.

The X-Racers are capable of accelerating from zero to full-throttle in the blink of an eye. The Rocket Racing League pilots are among the most highly-skilled in the world, these pilots include: Len Fo, Dave Morss, Jim Bridenstine, and aeroatic pilot Sean Tucker. X-Racer pilots will generally have backgrouns in military jets and/or aerobatics.

ESPN Article: Click to enlarge!

Granger Whitelaw – COMING SOON!

And keep your eyes out: We are working on a major project that will have a huge impact in Digital Media and distribution. Hahahaha, well, that’s all I can say for now.


One of the projects I worked on for years is Vemics,, a software company focused on the collaboration space with a specialization in the education and medical fields. They have just launched a new product, Imedicor, which I believe will change the way all of our medical records are handled in a safe, reliable and fast manner between Doctors and patients. The education platform has done wonders in helping with children whom have disabilities and training their doctors to treat them and many other applications. Now working with the State of New Jersey and many other groups, hopefully it will see its days in the sun soon!


The Amber Alert Portal that we funded development of a few years ago ( ) is now in the hands of a new management team/ownership and is still saving lives. Although the business went through some challenges with its old management (whom had to removed) the Portal itself is still saving kids lives every day…….this was truly the best investment I was ever a part of ! Furthermore, it was because of this deal that I met Tim, Chrissy, Joyce & the kids, Melissa, Josh, Nick & Dina, Dennis & Kathy, Nikka & Matt, Jenn & Geoff and so many of my close & coolest friends.

There are many, many other projects that we have worked on and are looking at now…but that is boring business and this is about Family and Friends!

Granger Whitelaw – It is easy to go nowhere. It requires no risk, except that of being left behind. To run ahead is a supreme test!