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Smear Campaign Against Me and Those I Love

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My family has been made aware of the aspersions cast against me through the website and its affiliated sites. Although posted pseudonymously, we know the identity of the individual responsible (operating under numerous aliases). The fact you have now included my children’s names and friends in these sick, self-fulfilling, and delusional postings has prompted a multi-level response from myself and others; you will feel the full force shortly.

I have no intention of engaging in an online debate with this party. A jury of our peers will settle the truth.


A Press release was issued this week on this subject which is available here .


A Message to prospective associates and business partners

A cursory review of the poison-penned diatribe posted on these appalling gossip websites reveals numerous logical and factual inconsistencies clearly intended to cause harm to my loved ones and me without having any basis in reality. If the stories survive your initial critical assessment, I invite you to contact any of my numerous references, a list can be provided upon request.


To all of my supporters, friends and Family

I know many of you have offered to write replies to these allegations and I have asked you not to. Experts agree that it is a tactical error to “play into” the hands of liars and cowards or stoop to their level. Furthermore, the statements are not true and are only meant to hurt me and damage my reputation by creating a chain of “complaints” painting me in the worst light possible. To engage with this would only be like trying to negotiate with terrorists – pointless. I have told you each I would address it when the time was right…and that time has now begun. Thank you for all of your encouragement.


In Closing

If anyone feels they have an issue with me or anyone in life – and they wish to show their face and name publicly – then STAND UP and DO SO! But when people cast stones and speak from behind cloaks and hidden under rocks to avoid detection — then I hope you will see them for what they truly are.

Yours Truly,

Granger Whitelaw


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