“Enjoy the Minutes and Make them last for Years”

The World is an amazing place – Go out and enjoy it. It is filled with wonders of nature. Sometimes we forget to look around and see the beauty around us – it is everywhere. Smiling faces in children will remind us of how simple things can bring such joy. Like a splash in a puddle and dancing in the rain. Time shared with friends and family is one of the greatest gifts the World has to offer each of us. When we lose a loved one, whether from a move away from home, loss of a relationship or death – it reminds us of how important those minutes we take for granted can be. The one thing I always try to do is keep in touch with my friends and family. I am not always the best at it – and it is not easy to do – but just hearing a voice can brighten the day, knowing they are OK.


Another amazing gift the World gives is creation. The gift of birth. Bringing a new life into the World to teach, love, hold and embrace in Gods glory. This is the greatest of all and one that will teach you more about yourself than any other. I have the honor of 4 gifts from God and each of my children is special is so many ways. They constantly amaze me with their insightfulness and warm hearts that seem filled with love for so many always ready to lend a hand to someone in need. Spending time with them playing, praying, making music, designing games, taking pictures, shopping, swimming, laughing and loving – these are the things that make my Word the most amazing place of all. Oh, and Hot fudge sundaes anytime! We all love our ice cream!


I’m in New Jersey right now and the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. It rained last night and the dew is sparkling on the blades of grass – raindrops still dripping off the windowsill. The sun has just broken through the clouds and rainbows are filling the sky. Soon I will be on the plane again, flying in the clouds and seeing the World from above. Flying is truly a gift this World has to offer and it is where, along with Diving, I feel the most inner peace. It also allows us to see those places and people we miss and love the most. If you have never gone flying in a glider, I highly recommend you make this a ‘bucket list’ item and check it off quickly. The first time you are pulled into the air and the “POW” released – and the rush of the wind is all you hear around you – well, you will never be the same.


So Get up – go out and take a walk and look for drops of dew on the blades of grass. Laugh with someone you love – slow down – enjoy the minutes and make them last for years.

by granger whitelaw, 2012

23 thoughts on ““Enjoy the Minutes and Make them last for Years””

  1. You have a great and loving family Granger, you really guided your children in growing up and to have a loving family is a very special gift. I really can relate to you on that and we should really not take things or someone for granted because sometimes we don’t know what their worth unless they are gone. To enjoy every minute of life is an exciting thing to do and life would seem so long and more memorable moments will be share and made.

  2. As they say, time is gold and it should be treated as gold. Life span is really something that we can’t predict and if we will just live our lives to the fullest then we will enjoy it better.

  3. That’s why they call it “Time is Gold” and we should really love to what life we want to live. Our world is full of surprises and features and I hope we could enjoy it all.

  4. I want to go to New Jersey and look at the Cherry Blossoms that are in full bloom ha ha. Making the most in every minute is a great way of making your life productive and very full of energy. Life must always be enjoyed even though we have problems sometimes because life is a gift from God.

  5. I really really like the title of the article “ENJOY THE MINUTES AND MAKE THEM LAST FOR YEARS”, it is really stating that enjoy life to the fullest and love people to the fullest and let me share you a quot about love “ENJOY THE MINUTES AND MAKE THEM LAST FOR YEARS”.

  6. That is what they meant by time is gold and I think it is really true and time should always be treated as a very important thing. Anyway I like your hints and tips to us. I wonder if you also have big time because I know you are a big businessman and I know businessmen are very busy and so I wonder if you have time for happy moments. Thanks for sharing this article to us about being happy and spending time for happiness, have a nice day.

  7. Indeed! Our planet is a beautiful place or our world is a beautiful place, both are correct and true. We should enjoy our lives and enjoy what is in our world and what we can see everywhere in our everyday lives. We should enjoy every moment of our lives since we only have one life and we should live it to the fullest.

  8. Enjoying every moment in our life is very good and it’s like making our life fruitful. I am a student and I am still a teen and I really enjoying my life but don’t get me wrong I am still making a percentage of something in my time in studying and going to school because that is also my obligation at the same time. Anyway thanks for sharing this one and I am glad and smiling while reading this one.

  9. I remember Christmas by reading this one “Smiling faces in children will remind us of how simple things can bring such joy. “, and Christmas as nearly approaching and I think it’s 14 days to go and wow it will be really awesome. They say Christmas is for children and I think it is really true and even me I feel glad when I see children that are happy in Christmas.

  10. Yes indeed, Time is Gold. that’s why we need to treasure every single day of your life. Every seconds that we missed is a moment that can be treasured. Everyday were getting older, so we must appreciate life. Sometimes, even when your having a good time, you can’t help but stop and look at the old times. So, live, love and laugh. 6 Days to go before Christmas, so forgive those people who’ve hurt you and say sorry to the person that you made mistakes. To everyone, merry Christmas.

  11. I can see here you are a loving father to his children “I have the honor of 4 gifts from God and each of my children is special is so many ways.”, Fathers are really brave and also they love their children very well. Anyway you are a kind man and I think you have here a good article. Thanks for sharing your article to us. Thanks.

  12. Wow I thought cherry blossoms are only and can only be seen in Japan “I’m in New Jersey right now and the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom”, I want to see this one really bad and it’s one of my dream to go to Japan and visit there a place filled with cherry blossoms and then falling from my face and I think it would really be magical and amazing.

  13. Yeah! I strongly believe that in order for us to live life to the fullest is to make every minute of our life very special. I mean in what we do we should do our best and let us do the things that we want to do and let’s make things that we like and what we dream of. I think each one of us have different set of minds but we should always be happy.

  14. It’s just like a saying that we should not take life seriously because we can’t bring all the material things here in our world to the other world. Anyway I am also enjoying my life and not just only studying with my major subjects but also giving myself a time for entertainment like playing basketball with my friends and going to the malls with my friends.

  15. A great and very inspirational quote “So Get up – go out and take a walk and look for drops of dew on the blades of grass. Laugh with someone you love – slow down – enjoy the minutes and make them last for years.” I like the way you encourage people and it’s a good thing that you encourages people in living life in a good way and to really enjoy every minute and every second of life because Time is indeed really gold.

  16. Our world and our planet is indeed a really wonderful and beautiful creation of our God and I will have to say it is perfectly well made because as what I have observed and the physics also teach us about how balance our world is and just by that you can really say how amazing our planet is made and we should really take care of our world.

  17. That is why many are keep on saying that time is gold and for me I think time is indeed gold, no one can turn back time and can control time so it would be ideal if we really enjoy every minute of it and just like the date of this day, this date of they won’t come back again or happen again, just think of it deeply and you will realize my thoughts or the point of my thoughts.

  18. How I wish to see this “I’m in New Jersey right now and the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom”, I am a very number one fan of cherry blossom and the one that I love the most is the cherry blossoms from Japan because I think it is the most neat and clean and beautiful and colorful in my eyes, that is only my opinion and I understand you have some other perspective to it and other thought that might contrast to my views and opinion towards it.

  19. No one will argue to us saying that the enjoyment is our always goal. I am much concerned if I have problems just like you and that is why we have to make fun and we must always enjoy the moments so that problem will be forgotten for the main time. I have read some of your techniques and strategies here and I think it is really helpful in making the stress less.

  20. Such a jolly and wonderful article. I am a funny oriented person and I am always open to any fun things that invites me. I am not a clown but I know how to make someone happy because I also observe my surroundings on how they make their friends happy and by how they treat their friends. My motto is al about happiness and to always enjoy the things in our planet and I salute your article for inspiring happiness to others.

  21. Making an enjoyable and fun moments with your friends is a great idea for treasuring your friendships and proving yourselves on how you are devoted in your relationship as friends to one another. Each of us has out thing to do and that’s the thing that always wanted to do and maybe just what the writer of this article said, we should enjoy every moment of our life and it’s best if we start now.

  22. It is really right to do things right and especially that it can cause goodness to others. I really read the whole blog and I can see and also say that you are trying to move us and it is so appreciable that you are trying to do that thing. In myself also since I am not a bad person, I always do things right whenever I can but unfortunately because we have some imperfections in doing 100% right of the things that we want to do, I tend to cause some problem due to it.

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