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It’s the time of year when the boy’s rule and the girls drool. Pigskin Heaven. Backyard BBQs and Beer. tailgating. men in tights running around a field.. and trash talking in every house, playground, and stadium seat in America….and this year we have two of the best Cities for all of the above – New York & Boston!

I am rooting for the Giants…all in. Frankly, it would not matter who was playing against the Patriots, they are my least favorite team in the NFL and I would passionately root for anyone against them, as my good friends Brandon & Stryker (die-hard Pat’s fans) know well !). I don’t like anything about them – well – except their coach – he is certainly one of the greatest in history and the most real since the likes of Lambeau, Lombardi, Bear Bryant, and Tom Landry.

The last time I saw these two teams play was in 2008 in Phoenix. That’s right – at the Super Bowl – and it was AWESOME! I went with a few of my good buddies and it was a week to remember – seriously – I can’t repeat a thing but it was all good clean fun! During the game, the emotions in the Stadium would sway up and down, along with the noise level – all in perfect harmony with the beer sales and back and forth of the scoreboard. By the end of the fourth Quarter, the tension was incredible – but we all knew it…just knew it – the Patriots were going to fall that day!

One of the other great memories I had of this day was our cell phones. None of us could get signals…like none! We figured they were jamming the place for security, or maybe the NFL just doesn’t want the signals interfering with the on-field communications. (please turn off all of your devices when the cabin door shuts, not in the “airplane mode”, but off..hahahaha..sorry, had to do it!)

So kick-off is in 32 hours – and this time we will be at a friend’s house – most in our Giants colors and 1 other brave soul amongst us in his Patriots garb ( my guess is he doesn’t show ). Frankly – this is the way to watch the game, with friends and multiple Big Screen TV’s going so no one misses a play or the “commercials” – that is what it’s all about, right?



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