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Enjoy The Minutes and Make Them Last for Years

granger and kids at the beach

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The World is an amazing place – Go out and enjoy it. It is filled with wonders of nature. Sometimes we forget to look around and see the beauty around us – it is everywhere. Smiling faces in children will remind us of how simple things can bring such joy. Like a splash in a puddle and dancing in the rain. Time shared with friends and family is one of the greatest gifts the World has to offer each of us.

When we lose a loved one, whether from a move away from home, loss of a relationship, or death – it reminds us of how important those minutes we take for granted can be. The one thing I always try to do is keep in touch with my friends and family. I am not always the best at it – and it is not easy to do – but just hearing a voice can brighten the day, knowing they are OK.

Another amazing gift the World gives is creation. The gift of birth.

Bringing a new life into the World to teach, love, hold and embrace in God’s glory. This is the greatest of all and one that will teach you more about yourself than any other. I have the honor of 4 gifts from God and each of my children is special in so many ways. They constantly amaze me with their insightfulness and warm hearts that seem filled with love for so many always ready to lend a hand to someone in need. Spending time with them by playing, praying, making music, designing games, taking pictures, shopping, swimming, laughing and loving – these are the things that make my Word the most amazing place of all. Oh, and Hot fudge sundaes anytime! We all love our ice cream!

I’m in New Jersey right now and the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. It rained last night and the dew is sparkling on the blades of grass – raindrops still dripping off the windowsill. The sun has just broken through the clouds and rainbows are filling the sky. Soon I will be on the plane again, flying in the clouds and seeing the World from above. Flying is truly a gift this World has to offer and it is where, along with Diving, I feel the most inner peace. It also allows us to see those places and people we miss and love the most. If you have never gone flying in a glider, I highly recommend you make this a ‘bucket list’ item and check it off quickly. The first time you are pulled into the air and the “POW” released – and the rush of the wind is all you hear around you – well, you will never be the same.

So Get up – go out and take a walk and look for drops of dew on the blades of grass. Laugh with someone you love – slow down – enjoy the minutes and make them last for years.


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