Saturday morning and yes, its TIVO TIME ! Well, actually I have Comcast cable and a built in DVR, but same result. I can set it to record my favorite TV shows I am unable to watch during the week and watch when I want. So, for me, that is usually early in the morning on Saturday – today – and I have my coffee and hit play.

This morning I started with Are you the Chelsea? It stars the girl from that 70’s show – no not Mila, the blonde, LOL. I’m not 100% on it yet, but its growing on me. I followed that with Suburgatory starring Carly Chaikin from Larry Sanders and Jeremey Sisto. Now…this show cracks me up. I mean its like part Stepford Wives, part Beverly Hills 90210 and part Caddyshack. Then we jump over to ROB , then the morning Finale – The Big Bang Theory . TBBT is the BEST! Seriously, if you have not seen this show, you must watch it. Along side How I met your Mother , they are the best brain dead comic relief TV going today.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Really, you watch this crap? But Alas! One mans crap is another mans Mulch. For me, this is the perfect way to wake up and start a day – one of the FEW times I ever have to just think about nothing – do nothing – and trust me, that is very hard for me. So with the help of my Boob tube and some good slapstick brain numbing shows – I get to relax…. well, at least for a while.

There are a number of other shows I DVR regularly, when I look at it, probably too many. But when you have a 3 year old and a choice between Wonder Pets, Chuggington Choo Choo and My Little Ponies or the Wiggles – this is like sitting by a tropical beach with a cool drink and watching the waves roll in.

WAIT – I live in a tropical paradise….Gotta go…. BEACH TIME !!!!!!

22 thoughts on “TIVO Time”

  1. Well that must be so relaxing on a Saturday morning. Me too I love watching and sometimes it’s the best way to relax and keeping the mind calm and How I met your Mother has a great cast and that can really kill much time and at the same way can make you laugh.

  2. I like built in DVRs, it’s nice to use them on recording and I wish to have one of it. Well, I guess you love watching shows and me too I love shows that are really good in making people laugh or shows that have good humor.

  3. Saturday is the other word for relax time! Relax, watching TV, watching favorite shows, watching movies that you want to watch etc. are just things that very pleasurable to do on Saturday.

  4. Tivo TIme! Tivo Time! Tivo Time is 3 days starting from now ha ha . I like watching movies on laptop or in PC in early in the morning while eating some bread and a hot cup of coffee. I want to watch movies on Saturday again and maybe wake up early in the morning because it feels good.

  5. Though some of us still have work on Saturdays and also have school on Saturdays, it’s still great to spend rest time on Saturdays because aside from Sunday it is one of the day in the week that is not very busy and I mean some of us are not busy of it. Next Saturday I want to spend it really good, early in the morning I will go jogging around park and on the afternoon I will go biking to a nearby bicycling area.

  6. Oh the day next to tomorrow is Saturday and I think me and my friends will have a picnic and on Saturday maybe go to movie theaters and watch movies. I haven’t seen twilight the breaking dawn part 2 yet and they told me it is good but I can’t really comment about it yet since I haven’t seen it yet.

  7. I think it is nice to relax and have a rest day from work and workers will surely be wanting it to be everyday ha ha ha but lol it is not so you have to really enjoy your rest day carefully because that is so seldom to happen. Anyway I hope you enjoyed your Tivo Time well though I know you sure enjoyed it as what I have read here.

  8. It’s night already in my country and in my place now but I like your idea of this article and I like watching movies too and especially if it’s a rest day and I even call my “rest day” as a “movie day”, I would like to enjoy another movie too next week and I will try to watch new action movies or maybe I’ll try the new James Bond film, it looks good on its trailer.

  9. I haven’t heard about TBBT before and I am not familiar with it but I do know and watched some of the episode of How I met your Mother, it is really a great sitcom or what do you call it, I laugh on it every time I watch it, the screen play and the script is really good and I wonder how do they formulate those kind of lines on script.

  10. This looks fun “There are a number of other shows I DVR regularly, when I look at it, probably too many.”, I have some DVD’s that I really keep and all are moy favorite movies and I am thinking what if if I watch some of it, what if I will watch some movies of it again I guess it will be fun. Maybe I will try that plan and I will go first on Jackie Chan’s movies.

  11. It’s so nice going outside with your friends or family in a rest day and just like this week, this week is a vacation and it’s a great season, this is a good season for vacation, going outside, eating on a restaurant with your family and going shopping with your friends. I bet many are now on the malls going wild in shopping ha ha ha lol.

  12. I love big bang theory, I only watch this in my laptop. I love to watch movie in our house instead going out with my friends. Watching television makes me comfortable, that’s why I prefer this thing than doing chit chat. I don’t have any child, but I have a younger siblings, who always love to watch barbie, but instead of making angry with her. I also watch barbie with her.

  13. I think this is a good way to spend a holiday and I think it would be better if I have big speakers that will really move my house whenever I turn the volume to its maximum volume. Anyway I am a person who love music of my generation and I think most of you here are not familiar with the music of my generation or if there teens here they will surely relate and maybe also like my music.

  14. LOL 😀 “WAIT – I live in a tropical paradise….Gotta go…. BEACH TIME !!!!!!”, I live in a tropical place also but I think I am all over on beaches since there are lots of beaches in my place, some of my international friends are telling me that I am lucky since I live in a place where there are many beaches and I just answered to them that they are lucky too.

  15. I think I remember this Are you the chelsea. I never knew you like it also, well there is no doubt since it’s a good and ha ha you got me , some people will think its Mila and it’s good that you clarified it here. Thank you for sharing this tivo time article of yours and I think I appreciate this one. Good job and keep it up.

  16. Some people their Saturday is Sunday “I can set it to record my favorite TV shows I am unable to watch during the week and watch when I want. So, for me, that is usually early in the morning on Saturday”, my Saturday is Sunday also if I will base on this quote that I quoted from the above article . I remember the song Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 in this article.

  17. Watching TV or watching a movie when having a rest day is not a bad idea and in fact I do that sometimes (but of course most of the time I do wash my laundry and just sleep and sleep and sleep). Watching tv or watching movies will really give a good taking of time especially when you want to make the time pass by. Making it and doing it will really kill much of your time.

  18. Oh okay so this is TIVO Time! haha well, I think this is great and fun and I should have tried this before with my cousins. I like also listening to music and me and my 3 cousins love singing karaoke at my house and it could never be so much fun than having them singing with their song selections. Of course I have my choice of songs also but my cousins really rock when singing and yep! more than me ha ha ha lol.

  19. So I guess Tivo Time is Music Time. I like listening to music and my favorite songs also just like you and some guys here in your article, the guys that commented also in this article. I forgot some songs of 70’s and 80’s but they are great and good songs and if I can hear them now I will surely still love listening to those songs. Songs makes me remember things from the past and give some good memories and though some give bad memories too.

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