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Courage – ‘Do The Right Thing!’

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As I have sat thinking of what I wanted to write about over the last week or so, I keep coming to “do the right thing”. It started two weeks ago when I was talking to my 16 year old, Granger, about choices we make in life and how they affect others. Mostly, it came from me seeing how fair, honest and loving he is with others. It’s hard to be objective sometimes with your own kids, but with the young Mr. Whitelaw, it is easy – he is truly a gentleman, and someone I wish I could be more like in many ways.

So do the right thing. This is something I have always tried to instill in my children and others I have come in contact with. Now, I have not always been the best example of this in my life, I have made many mistakes, hurt others, spoken unkindly, taken advantage at times when I did not need to and have not always been the most honest I could be. But part of “do the right thing” is admitting these things to one-self and to others, and then asking forgiveness, or giving it when asked. Once you do this, you can then strive, evereyday, to “do the right thing” from that moment forward – and if you make a mistake, you know what to do. We are only human after all.

I saw a movie sometime ago that has stayed with me and reminds me of what “do the right thing” means to me and to my family – or more so – my commitment to them and my life. Do not take offense of you do not have the same faith as I do – but please hear the message it is giving us – as a guide. I hope you will see and feel as I do about this message and share it with other men (its hard for men to share things like this with each other) and your sons, to give them a solid foundation to use for their lives as they grow and begin their own families.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord


I DO solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, and my children.

I WILL love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home.

I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.

I WILL train them to honor authority and live responsibly.

I WILL confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.

I WILL pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion.

I WILL work diligently to provide for the needs of my family.

I WILL forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.

I WILL learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.

I WILL seek to honor God, be faithful to His church, obey His Word, and do His will.

I WILL courageously work with the strength God provides to fulfill this resolution for the rest of my life and for His glory.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. —Joshua 24:15

Again, whatever your faith, the message holds true – I hope you join me in this resolution and “do the right thing”


~~Granger Whitelaw


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