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And so it begins – the political banter and non-stop commercials 24 hours a day – all to persuade us that we should vote for XYZ candidate but don’t vote for this other guy – he will ruin the country!

So my blog this week is not a story, rhyme, message, or grain of wisdom I have stumbled upon in my life… But a question… 

Does anyone REALLY believe in any politicians anymore, or the process to elect them?

Now I am NOT one to get into a political debate – frankly, it annoys the hell out of me when I am at a dinner party or social setting and the subject comes up. Even on Facebook, it takes the same immediate turn. “Well, look at what Bush did” “ Obama is the worst” – blah blah blah… (Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him)?!

The conversation always seems to start off innocent enough, but always turns into finger-pointing and blame. Didn’t we learn in kindergarten that finger-pointing and blame are not the way to get along on the playground? Most of the facts I hear either have no real basis in reality, or have been so mangled – It’s stuff someone overheard their dad say, their boss mention, or read in a blog (like this one..hahahaaa) that they can barely remember it, or mix up important information – “Iran, or was it Iraq…I don’t know—you know what I mean…blah blah…get me a drink please..”.

Maybe I should run for President? Granger Whitelaw is a good name – it’s Hollywood enough. I have plenty of great stuff I have done and a fair amount of screw-ups to give the other side fodder. I used to talk to some of my high school friends about it and they loved the idea. President Granger Brewster Whitelaw – sounds cool. Then we could all fly around in Air Force one, go to really cool parties – make a bunch of promises we know we won’t keep – and get all the taxpayers to foot the bill! DAMN! How’d I miss that shuffle? Well – maybe someday.

Don’t get me wrong, politicians can play an important ROLE in society – but they ARE NOT SOCIETY. Most politicians do not have their finger on the pulse of America, as they’ve been sucked into the D.C. political process – it just twists them before they know it. It’s a shame really, good people get put in a meat grinder with some ‘pink additive’ and it’s just another plain hamburger without the secret sauce.

The worst part of it – The friggin TV News shows that will talk about it on EVERY channel for the next 6 months. Really? 24 hours a day? Are these guys really that complex? Is there really THAT much to discuss? Can’t we spend a few thousand of those hours on real issues that are not opinion-based or party-driven, like how to help our local communities in need, and support the charities that are doing good work? Just think if we focused that much attention on real things that can drive growth in this country, jobs, helping rebuild America – instead of which guy had dinner with what celebrity, or played golf with whom at this resort?!

So, I lose – the commercials have already started about Bain this, and Islamic supporting speech that – I think I might just have to block all the political news channels for the next 8 months…or get rid of the thing altogether.

It’s really sad…I am rambling but you know I am right. I hear it all the time – but what can we do? We are stuck in a system that is broken and the right guy/girl will never run for office – who in their right mind would? That speaks volumes alone.


Best Wishes,

~~Granger Whitelaw


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