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Wedding Bells!! – Tis The Season?

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It’s 6 am and I hear the pitter-patter of feet above me – No it’s not Christmas morning, it’s WEDDING DAY!

That’s right, a June wedding – every bride’s dream – and today my brother-in-law Josh is getting married to Alyssa. All week people have been arriving and doing various activities to prepare for the big day. (I worked all week and stayed out of that – I know better ☺) Last night we had the tradition of a rehearsal dinner at the bride’s family home. I must say, the BBQ was awesome and the people were great. There really is just nothing like a wedding to bring out the best in everyone and it is even better when folks get along.

The father of the bride made the first speech and it was sweet. It is clear he is happy to have Josh as a son-in-law and their bond is real. From there it was toast and cheers and champagne for the rest of the night.

I remember when Josh met Alyssa. He was living at my house in NJ and working on Rocket Racing for me. Josh had never even dated a girl for more than three months and I remember well the 90-day mark of their dating. But alas, he did not have a chance. Those two were meant to be from day one. Alyssa and her big bright smile bouncing around everywhere with Josh in tow, he was done. You could see the love grow and grow, not only with friends but also with their love of God and family. It is this type of reunion that is built to last – and I have great faith theirs will last for eternity. Alyssa and Josh – we love you and wish you peace, love, and happiness. Know that marriage is not always easy, it has its hills and valleys, but through the journey, you will find deeper love and happiness together – and always pray together in good times and bad.

My daughter C.C will be the flower girl today by the way. I don’t know if a 4-year-old could be more excited, but I am sure the wedding veil, flowers, and Barbie & Ken wedding dolls she got last night from the bride won’t hurt the cause.

Well, I better hurry up – it’s an early wedding followed by food, dance, and fun that I am certain will last until the early hours of Sunday next. For all you brides, grooms and families with weddings this summer – I wish you all the blessings of life.

And remember – Be kind to each other & Love On.


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