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Holiday Hunting – Happy Feasting!

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Holiday Hunting with friends or family is an excellent opportunity to spend time outdoors, and enjoy nature and a few good laughs or stories from the past year.

So just to ensure that every hunting trip ends happily during these trips, I suggest you follow these tips:

  • Make sure to complete a safety class. Some states require these courses as a prerequisite for issuing a hunting license or permit. Irrespective of the state laws, these courses alert hunters to guidelines that can prevent accidents and save lives.
  • Make sure you always practice firearm safety…. at all times. The golden rule of firearm use is to treat every weapon as if it is loaded at all times – I repeat – Loaded at ALL TIMES. Just following this simple dictum can prevent a variety of potential accidents.
  • You should also try to hunt with a partner if you can – and make sure you talk about where you will be going ahead of time. In case of accidents, having a friend nearby can minimize the time to get help and hopefully damage caused by a gunshot wound.
  • Furthermore, always wear proper gear – Wearing hunter orange alerts others to your presence and prevents them from mistaking you for the game. Before you go out for your hunting trip, make sure to maintain your equipment. You should frequently clean and service your weapons as needed to prevent malfunctioning and make sure you test fire them before each field use.


I thought I would take a few minutes to share a few of these simple but important suggestions with you. I am getting ready for a Duck hunting trip this month and Deer hunting next – and trust me – I will follow each of these myself.

Happy Hunting – and Feasting!!!


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