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Today is The Day!

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Today is Yours – It belongs to no one else. Today is the day to grab the ones you love – turn off the T.V, turn off the computer, turn off the iPhones and Droids – and go out together. Take a blanket and have a picnic – blow up the air in your tires and ride bikes together – grab a racquet and play tennis, or go golfing – or just take a walk and eat ice cream ( or a hot fudge sundae!! )

I thought about so many things that I could write about today – but only one made sense, and this is it. You only have TODAY – so no matter how many things are pulling you in different directions – just stop – change your plans and do me this one favor – I promise it will be profound and bring a smile to your face and those you love – spend time with your loved ones without the distractions we allow into our life’s every second of the day.

Now I am off with my 4-year-old to do just that. Paint my face, get wet in a sprinkler, and roll in the grass.

If you don’t hear from me, please don’t call – I won’t answer – it’s our time 🙂

~~Granger Whitelaw


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