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Saturday morning and yes, it’s TIVO TIME! Well, actually I have Comcast cable and a built-in DVR, but the same result. I can set it to record my favorite TV shows I am unable to watch during the week and watch them when I want. So, for me, that is usually early in the morning on Saturday – today – and I have my coffee and hit play.

This morning I started with Are you the Chelsea? It stars the girl from that 70’s show – no not Mila, the blonde, LOL. I’m not 100% on it yet, but it’s growing on me. I followed that with Suburgatory starring Carly Chaikin from Larry Sanders and Jeremey Sisto. Now…this show cracks me up. I mean it’s like part Stepford Wives, part Beverly Hills 90210, and part Caddyshack. Then we jump over to ROB, then the morning Finale – The Big Bang Theory. TBBT is the BEST! Seriously, if you have not seen this show, you must watch it. Alongside How I met your Mother, they are the best brain-dead comic relief TV going today.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Really, you watch this crap? But Alas! One man’s crap is another man’s Mulch. For me, this is the perfect way to wake up and start a day – one of the few times I ever have to just think about nothing – do nothing – and trust me, that is very hard for me. So with the help of my Boob tube and some good slapstick brain-numbing shows – I get to relax…. well, at least for a while.

There are a number of other shows I DVR regularly, when I look at it, probably too many. But when you have a 3-year-old and a choice between Wonder Pets, Chuggington Choo Choo, and My Little Ponies or the Wiggles – this is like sitting by a tropical beach with a cool drink and watching the waves roll in.

WAIT – I live in a tropical paradise….Gotta go…. BEACH TIME !!!!!!


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