Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: Home!

Granger Whitelaw: Home!

Finally – a week at home!

As fun as it is to travel and see old friends, meet new ones and see great places, there really is no place like home (Dorothy said it best).

I got home this week after a Red Eye (See below) and I was really wacked out for the whole day. This is strange for me, because I travel extensively and have a lot of energy, but sometimes it catches up to you.. I guess. That and Dennis and his “posse” not letting me get even a wink of shut eye! Anyway, Yesterday I got up after sleeping in, and walked the beach with my wife & 3 year old picking up sea shells and swimming in the ocean. We played tennis this morning and are now heading out to church. Friday was also our 5th year wedding anniversary, so we had the chance to go out for dinner and a movie….something we rarely do anymore.

I also got to see an old friend for lunch and catch up, move some furniture, clean the car, go to Home Depot for some weather stripping and have an ice cream in my favorite chair!

This may not be the most exciting blog entry I have ever written or may write in the future, but ya know what? It may be the most relaxed.

I love being home. I love my kids and wife more than anything. No matter where we are or where we live, when we are together we are home. And I would take those quite moments and chores together over any business deal, far away place, the Wizard of OZ or opportunity….. Because there really is no place like home!

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11 thoughts on “Granger Whitelaw, My Weekly Thoughts: Home!”

  1. Indeed! Nobody wants to live better than their home because home is the best. The feeling on going home in a long trip is something like seeing a sunset near the seashore, it so relaxing and the feeling and you know you will feel at ease. You really wrote it with no over emotions and I like it.

  2. They say home is where your love is and I think that is what makes our home very special. Going back to home from a long journey is quite an exciting trip especially when you are alone on the trip.

  3. Going home is best when you know you have the family that loves you and waiting for you. It’s very nice having a loving family and nothing will be better in life than having them.

  4. This is what most of parents feel for their children or for their family “I love being home. I love my kids and wife more than anything. No matter where we are or where we live, when we are together we are home.”. Any parent who is far from his partner or his family will really miss his partner or his family. By reading this article I remembered the song “Home” by Michael Bubble, it is a nice song and I think it is a lovely song and you might want to hear it if you have vacant time, it can be searched in the YouTube.

  5. It’s nice to go home after visiting or having a business on a far place away from your home. You are feeling really excited while on the plane, or train , or bus or what are you riding on going home. Home is where your heart is and that is really true since your love is your family on you are going home because of your family and that’s really a great thing.

  6. I love this post, I agree with you. There is no place like home. Even if you were everywhere, the feeling of being at home is magical. At home you are safe, carefree, protected and happy where everything is perfect. You got your family someone to talk to. Memories that were made at home will make other places different from home. Thank you, such a wonderful post and remarkable.

  7. Here is a quote by Zig Ziglar “I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.”, I like this quote and I think this fits the blog and because the blog is all about you on home or you on going home. Thanks for sharing.

  8. “there really is no place like home”, just a simple line yet very meaningful. That is really true and I think all of us will totally can relate to that. Home is where our love is and our family is and I think many of experience home sick because of the love that we feel in our families. Sadly in my country there are lots of people going places far away to their homes to earn money for their family.

  9. If you think that it may not be the most exciting blog you have written, well for me it is., I love your idea here in your article, that there is no place like home. I am in my college years now, and I’m studying away from my parents, everyday I always think about them. Sometimes, I get jealous to my classmates who stayed with there parents. There are some who really wants to depart from there parents, they study in abroad just because they don’t want to stay with there parents anymore. But for me, if I really had a choice, I will stay with my parents, as long as I can. I may enjoy having night outs with my friends with no one scolding me as I stay night outside but indeed, no matter where we are or where we live, there’s really no place like home!

  10. Indeed very fun to go on a trip visit some old friends and relatives and hang out with them and have fun with them but after all the trips and the happiness that you have experienced on the trip you can never forget your home and the feeling of being at home will really strike you and put you into a homesick if you want to go home really bad.

  11. No other place can replace home, home is where the love is and that is a big reason why everyone wants to go home even from a luxurious trip and vacation to other place. It’s hard to really not go home for even 1 month and how much if it’s 1 year, I mean many spend their time working on other place and they go home to their love ones and house in every one year , or just once a year.

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